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Welcome & Please Make Yourself Comfortable...

Thank you for taking the time to come visit our site and I hope your stay (no matter how long or how brief) is a pleasant and rewarding experience.

The Shape Of The Sword was established in December 2011 and continues to provide a vehicle for its Members to enjoy quality gamesmanship in the company of considerate players able and willing to support one another for our mutual enjoyment and advancement. An intentionally small kin and focused on building close, personal friendships; together we look to bring a happy and sometimes comedic breath of fresh air to the lands of Eriador, Rhovanion and beyond.

Please take your time to browse this site and enjoy what it has to offer. Should you feel at all inclined, I'm only too happy to receive your application to join and I look forward to sharing some time with you.

Many thanks to those that continue to bring happy smiles to our faces.

With great affection,


Founder - The Shape Of The Sword