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The recordings listed among the Media Section of this site are a selection of samplers from a range of bands, artists and recording engineers whose work I adore and admire. In each case; I believe the tracks I have selected are examples of their finest work and for those interested enough to take a listen, I hope you find something you enjoy there. I've certainly enjoyed living with much if not all of it...

Before anyone gets too excited about the Digital Rights Management / Intellectual Property Infringement implications of making these recordings available through this medium; I would ask that you take a deep breath and consider that I have consciously limited the extent to which fellow Members of The Shape Of The Sword can access the material. Wherever possible I have sought to ensure that no one artist is represented more than once in the list (collaborations/cover-versions notwithstanding) and I would urge anyone who would like their own copy of the tracks to seek legitimate means of acquiring them. It is my hope and intention that should anyone hearing these tracks feel they would like to own their own copy or feel like they would like to explore other music by these artists; they should attempt to obtain recordings in such a way as to continue supporting the artists that created them. I am only too happy to help you locate the recordings you like or provide further information about the artists themselves.

I would like to add that to the best of my knowledge all of the tracks I have listed are available as individual "singles" from the current suite of music-download sites in the UK and on the whole are representative of music with varying degrees of technological, commercial and promotional success. With that in mind; having legitimately purchased each of them at various points in the last 30-years (during which time CD's have risen to disproportionately expensive prominence and soon face an environmentally unfriendly obsolescence) and having financed the means by which these recordings have been obtained, catalogued and uploaded for our mutual listening and recreational pleasure; the covenant between recording-artist and consumer has been largely discharged. Each artist has been identified and attributed correctly and I fervently believe that credit should be given where credit is due.

Should you feel strongly that a recording ought to be removed on the grounds of Intellectual Property Abuse, please drop me a line and I will be happy to remove it. I offer without prejudice an unequivocal apology in advance for any inconvenience; distress or financial loss you feel you may have suffered as a consequence of trying to celebrate your work. By return; I would hope that you might campaign as vigorously as you can to promote positive, ethical trading among participants in the Recording and Media Industries each of whom currently and singularly struggle with standardising DRM-Platforms that fairly balance the rights/responsibilities of both consumers who finance to some large extent the delivery-mechanisms of electronic media and artists who seek for their work to be communicated outside of their wildest imaginings.

Otherwise I hope you enjoy them as much (if not more) than I do and feel you might want to discover more of the prolific work by each of the artists involved.

My most heartfelt thanks to the artists, educators and practitioners that have had and continue to have an extraordinary impact on our lives.

May I salute your talent & wish you good health, strength & longevity.
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