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Hello & thank you for taking some time to consider how you might progress within The Shape Of The Sword.

In the first instance I'd like to thank you for becoming part of our Kinship and I'd also like to reiterate the warm welcome you're likely to have received In-Game in this post. Your contribution to the Kin is valuable and my sincerest hope is that you get something worthwhile from your continued involvement.


This is conducted by the Officers of The Shape Of The Sword and each of them have been briefed on how new Members are to be recruited. That's not to suggest that recommendations from any Member of the Kin are not welcome; they most certainly are. However the actual sending of invitations and inductions is something that can only be done by Officers; so if you would like friends or other players to be considered for inclusion; please direct your recommendation to any of the Officers when they're On-Line or by Mail.

When new Members are recruited they are warmly welcomed by the Officer that recruited them (and any other Members that might be On-Line) and my hope is that they are given a brief tour the Kin-House while they take the trouble to sign-up for our website. This ought to be considered a standard orientation and can be undertaken in whichever way suits those involved best; whether that be in a Role-Play Style ( or not depends very much on the recruiter and the new recruit.


During the course of your time with The Shape Of The Sword; you are welcome to participate at any level that suits you. Naturally there are elements of LotRO that you might favour over others; whether that be crafting, questing, skirmishing, raiding or simply engaging with one another in Role-Play. There's no shortage of activities to undertake and more often than not it can be a great deal more fun to do so in a friendly company. Each Member has their own "story" and their own experiences; and among the regular Events posted on the Kin Events Board: you are also strongly encouraged to consider posting your own events if you'd like particular assistance with an Instance or Quest.

As part of your inclusion to The Shape Of The Sword; you will have access to our Kin-House which acts as a central Meeting-Point. Located in Snowrill among the Bree-Land Homesteads; you might like to consider acquiring a property in the same neighbourhood. It's not essential that you do so and you may well have accommodation located elsewhere. Properties do come on the market from time-to-time and should you feel you want to purchase a home in Snowrill, there is a modest bursary put to one side to provide assistance if you need it. In any event, upon joining The Shape Of The Sword you will acquire the Skill: Travel To Kin-House located among your travel-skills; so you're only ever a click away from a safe, warm and cosy home.

While you are with The Shape Of The Sword you will be expected to undertake all your affairs consistent with the ideals upon which the Kin was predicated:

You will treat fellow Members with both courtesy and honesty. Expletives, graphic sexuality, bigotry, racism, personal attacks and fraud are inappropriate. I will not hesitate to dismiss Members who treat other players poorly and in the most extreme of cases; a formal complaint may be logged with Turbine/StandingStone/WarnerBros that can have drastic ramifications to your account and game-access.


The Shape Of The Sword is comprised of different Members all of whom are at different stages of the game, the story and their own development. Some players are highly experienced; others very new to the LotRO Gaming Environment. All Members are universally welcome. It may be that you're a "casual" player; equally you may be quite "serious" and intend to advance rapidly. What path you take is yours to choose and I wish you every success in whichever path you decide to take. It should also be borne in mind that you're entirely at liberty to change your style at any point too depending on your preferences and personal circumstances. LotRO is to some large extent a Free-Form Environment and your involvement in it is rarely entirely static. As a general "rule"... The more you undertake; the more rewards will come your way; the stronger your experience will become and the depth & breadth of your character will become richer - it's all good! :)

As a "casual gamer" you may well be content to remain a recruit and welcome Member of The Shape Of The Sword and my sincere hope is that you enjoy being involved. By the same token there is scope for promotion should you feel you want a greater level of involvement and much like the aforementioned Recruitment; Promotion and Advancement is performed by Officers & myself in consultation with one another.

You might be pleased to know that one of the principal conditions for advancement; you've already completed - well done you! By signing-up to this website and reading this Forum Post you're already well on your way to becoming an Honourable Member - now that wasn't so hard; was it...? :P

However before we get too excited; let's be a little clearer about how you can secure a promotion because there is more to it than just signing-up. There are certain qualities that Honourable Members must possess and it is up to recruits to demonstrate them.

1: Demonstrate a willingness to support the Kin with crafting, questing or in some other way that benefits us all as a whole. There's no "buying your way" into The Shape Of The Sword - we don't need the cash and it's all about the character and the style of your game-play. Persistent fish-slapping and banal mediocrity will not be tolerated... At least not for very long. ;)

2: Do not presume I or any other Member is suddenly going to drop whatever it is they might be doing in order to do "Meet & Greets" or assist you. By all means; if we're able to engage with Members in-person we will try and do so... But as the Kin gets bigger and since our limited time is also ours to enjoy as well; we owe it to one another to exercise consideration in that fellow Members might have other plans. The Kin-Chat Service is extremely helpful in enabling us all to chit-chat with one another; however it is distinctly possible that while someone may be On-Line; they may not be able to respond to queries or otherwise engage with you at the very instant you use the Kin-Chat.

3: Take some time to full explore this website and its contents. It acts not only as a focal-point for Member Participation outside of the LotRO Gaming Environment; it hosts a repository of all sorts of handy tips and hints accumulated over the time since The Shape Of The Sword has been established. You're entirely at liberty to post content of your own and I look forward to seeing your contributions.

and finally...

4: Participate & Enjoy! As I've indicated earlier; the more you undertake, the more your character will develop and the purpose of The Shape Of The Sword is for us all to enjoy group activities together as friends. Personal relationship can take time to develop and I would urge you to build positive relationships where you can. In the event that you distinguish yourself in some way with any of the Officers or me; then there is a much greater likelihood that you will be considered for a promotion.

Recommendations for promotion will come from the Officers of The Shape Of The Sword and each will be considered on their own merits.

For now - thank you for taking the time to read through this briefing and I look forward to your continued involvement as part of your new Kin. Welcome!

With affection,
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