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PSiReN / Dec 18, 2011
Today a new kin is formed within Lord of the Rings OnLine - its mandate is simple:

Be Good, Be Kind; Be Happy...

We have the means to be more than just ourselves; better than who we are; stronger than we could ever imagine ourselves becoming. We work within a vibrant community of people that care about who they are and what they do; so be gentle with one another. Good grace costs nothing and no matter how it is received; you have the joy & knowledge that you have done your best.

You represent yourself and your affiliations - ensure that your undertakings are honourable and that your dealings with people are fair; reasonable and measured. We do not function within a vacuum and our actions can have repercussions - be sure of yourself and your intent. Be clear about what it is you aspire to and how you might need the help & guidance of those around you.

Be well; be solvent and be autonomous.

With affection,